This poster was sent out to real tennis clubs around the world, and generated a great response for our first championships.

Want to Join a Fun Weekend Supporting the

Irish Real Tennis Association

at the Bristol and Bath Club?

  • Relaxed First "Irish Championship"
  • Round Robin tournament and some doubles
  • Evening party
  • Everyone welcome
  • Saturday 31st May and Sunday 1st June
Please Contact: Bear North Email:
Tel: +353 1 677 0123

What is the Irish Real Tennis Association?

There is a real tennis court in the centre of Dublin, but it is currently being used as a laboratory for University College Dublin. The IRTA is working to return the court to its intended use. There have been a few obstacles to date including the National Concert Hall wanting to turn the court into a recital hall. We are now hoping UCD will soon find an alternative location for their lab and when the court is freed up that the state will allow the court to be used for real tennis. The court is in good condition, but is missing the galleries and penthouse. The IRTA is striving to persuade the Irish government that real tennis is the correct use for the court.

History of the Court

The court was built in 1885 by Sir Edward Guinness (of the stout), later 1st Earl Iveagh; it was the venue for the 1890 World Championships (Tom Pettitt vs. Charles Saunders); and it was given to the Irish State in 1939 by Rupert Guinness, 2nd Earl of Iveagh, as part of a larger bequest. The 2nd Earl of Iveagh intended the court to be used for real tennis, but WWII intervened and the state allowed UCD to use it.