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The 2003 IRTA Championship, sponsored by Investor Select Advisors, consisted of heats, semi-finals, and finals for the main Open tournament, as well as friendly doubles games and some instruction for newcomers to the game. Our final programme for the weekend was as follows.

Saturday (31st May)
10.00am Welcome (Nick Ponsford)
10.05am Introduction to the game and demonstration
10.30am Beginners' session
11.00am First session of heats
1.00pm Friendly doubles game
1.30pm Second session of heats
3.30pm Friendly doubles game
4.00pm Third session of heats
Sunday (1st June)
9.00am Beginners' session
10.00am Friendly doubles game
10.30am Fourth session of heats / Irish Championship
12.30pm Talk by Brian Rich (*) / Friendly doubles game
1.00pm First Open semi-final
1.45pm Second Open semi-final
2.30pm Friendly doubles game
3.00pm Open Final
4.00pm Presentation of trophies (Peter Probyn)

(*) Brian Rich gave an extremely interesting illustrated talk on the history of real tennis.