Champion: Mikey Hennessy
Doubles champions: Mikey Hennessy and Roy Rogers

Many thanks to all at Cambridge who welcomed the IRTA for our 2023 event.


Singles results

Mikey Hennessy(1)
Tony Penny (8)Neill10/1
Laura Neill (9)10/6Hennessy
Mark Heffernan (4)Heffernan
Paul Brennan (5)10/4
Roland Budd (2)10/6
Kevin Heffernan (7)Heffernan10/5
Simon Cripps(10)10/8Budd
Richard Ramjane (3)
William Wilks(6)Wilks10/3
Roy Rogers (11)10/7

Plate results

Simon CrippsBrennan
Paul Brennan10/4Brennan
 (Penny ret.)
Tony PennyPenny
Roy Rogers10/1

Doubles results

Box 1

Mikey Hennessy, Roy Rogers— A66
Roland Budd, Simon Cripps — B05
Richard Ramjane, Laura Neill — C46

Box 2

Kevin Heffernan, Mark Heffernan — D16
Christie Marrian, Paul Brennan — E66
William Wilks, Tony Penny — F42


Hennessy, RogersHennessy, Rogers
Marrian, Brennan6/0

Fixture results

On the Sunday, the fixture between the IRTA and the CURTC resulted in a win for the IRTA, 8 matches to 6.

Eligibility criteria

A person shall be eligible to play in the Irish Championship if

  • the person holds a current Irish passport; or
  • the person was born in the island of Ireland; or
  • at the time of the person’s birth either parent was an Irish citizen or would if alive have been an Irish citizen; or
  • the person has had one year’s continuous residence in the island of Ireland immediately before the Championship and intends to continue residence in the island of Ireland.