[The following information is taken from the Cambridge Real Tennis web page, used by permission.]

Interior of Cambridge University court
Interior of Cambridge University court
Real Tennis is king of all racquet sports, a game where subtlety and thought are more prized than power and fitness. It is played in an asymmetrical court which contains many unusual features, sloping roofs, openings (galleries) in the walls and a main wall which has a kink in it (tambour) so the ball on hitting the sloping face moves across the court instead of continuing down the line of the main wall. It has the classic elements of warfare where a failed attack is punished by a counter-attack.

The game is played with racquets made of wood, of reasonable dimensions (not those over-sized snow shoes favoured by lawn tennis players), and with hand-made balls re-covered every week with new cloth. The ball can be given spin either by the player or by contact with the wall and the action of this spin can be even more deadly than Shane Warne. Reading the spin is an important part of the game; initially one is totally bewildered by the spin but soon one begins to judge where the ball will move after contact.

More information on the game of real tennis:

History of the game
Real tennis has a long history. It was a favourite of many kings in the past, but is now enjoyed by people from all walks of life.
Rules of the game
The rules of real tennis are more complex than those of lawn tennis. This makes for a more interesting game.