There are many other web-sites providing information about the game of real tennis, other clubs around the world, and so on. Here are a few which may be of interest.

IRTA Wikipedia entry
One of our members, Dennis McCarthy, has contributed a page about the IRTA to the Wikipedia, a free collaborative encyclopedia.
The Bristol and Bath Tennis Club
The venue for our 2003 and 2004 championships, a relatively young yet thriving club.
Prince's Court: The International Tennis Club of Washington DC
The first real tennis court built from scratch in the United States since World War I, and a successful club. Real tennis is known as 'court tennis' in the USA.
The United States Court Tennis Preservation Foundation
"Helping preserve, develop, and administer the game of court tennis in the United States"
Cambridge Tennis Club
Cambridge has recently built a second court, showing the renewed enthusiasm the game is experiencing.
International Real Tennis Professionals Association
The IRTPA web-site provides information about clubs, fixtures, tournaments, etc.
Real Tennis Online
On-line forum for information and discussion relating to Real Tennis.