Mostly for historical interest, here are scans of some old hard-copy photos in the IRTA archives, taken in or around the year 2000.

Visit to Troon real tennis court, c.1995

As of 2013, the court is intact but on the ‘Buildings at Risk’ register (see its entry for more details and history). It was threatened with demolition in 2007; the IRTA objected to this at the time, along with c.250 others.

Replica half Real Tennis court, 2000

As part of a sports expo held in The Point (as it then was) in or around the year 2000, the IRTA constructed a replica of the hazard end of a real tennis court. They explained the game to visitors, and also the important part the Earlsfort Terrace court plays in Ireland's sporting heritage.

Miscellaneous photos of court

Probably taken around 2000, showing exterior and interior of the court.