Radley hosted a return of the Celtic Challenge, which was a decisive win for the Irish side. The IRTA wishes to thank everyone at Radley for a great event.


  • Ireland scored 923 points
  • Scotland scored 740 points
  • Highest individual score for Ireland and the Coole Swan Award for being Ireland’s MVP: Mark Keogh with 195 points
  • Highest individual score for Scotland and the Tunnock’s Trophy for being Scotland’s MVP; Andy Keeley with 157 points
  • Winner of the Best Scottish Kit award; Grant Miller
  • Winner of the Best Irish Kit award; Derek O’Sullivan (of course!)
  • Roland hit the winning openings nine times, more than any of his team-mates
  • Adam, Andy and Grant tied as highest strikers for Scotland, as all scored five hits

Will it be third time lucky for the Scots in 2020?

— Maggie Henderson-Tew