The Irish Real Tennis Association is greatly saddened to report that it has lost one of its most enthusiastic supporters and players, Mike Bolton. The IRTA offers its condolences to Mike's family and friends.

Mike jointly founded the IRTA in 1998, and lobbied persistently to have the Irish state return the Dublin Real Tennis Court to play, a goal towards which the IRTA is still striving. All of us who collaborated with him in these efforts will remember his dedication and hard work.

Mike was a keen and accomplished player of real tennis, as well as other racquet sports, throughout his long life. He was a regular member of the IRTA team at our fixtures and championship events, including our inaugural Irish Championship in 2003, which he won.

He died peacefully at home on 8th February, 2021. Mike will be greatly missed by all who knew him, both on and off court.

The Tennis & Rackets Association has a piece with further reflections on Mike's life and contributions to sport on their website.