The Irish team emerged the winners of this, the sixth Celtic Challenge, by 871 points to 816. Many thanks to our hosts Radley, to organiser Maggie Henderson-Tew, and to sponsors Pol Roger and Tunnock's!

And congratulations to Irish player of the match Richard Ramjane!


Peter Dean06Nick Gordon
Jack Woods56Ian Falconer
Willie Wilks46Michael Magnay
Dean, Woods65Falconer, Gordon
Richard Ramjane65James Eadie
Dean, Jones62Compton, Gordon
Ramjane, Wilks64Eadie, Magnay
Heffernan, Woods16Falconer, Worboys
Budd, Ramjane36Eadie, Licudi
Keogh, Wilks61Brownlee, Magnay
Budd, Heffernan62Licudi, Worboys
Jones, Keogh64Brownlee, Compton
Roland Budd16Stewart Licudi
Mark Heffernan46Dan Worboys
Jenny Jones64Bob Compton
Mark Keogh64Fergus Brownlee