After the IRTA's success in 2013, we were represented in the tournament this year by David Keane and Derek O'Sullivan. They emerged winners from their group, but were beaten in a close semi-final.

Report from David Keane (half of IRTA pair)

It was a great day but we were disappointed in the end! We started very well and got some real momentum going in the group stages — and then took a 3–1 lead in the semifinal. We seemed to drop the concentration a little, they came back and suddenly we had lost 6–3! From the position we were in it was very disappointing! Just goes to show — you have to stay focussed at all times in real tennis. Anyway that’s the match report; overall we were happy, and it was great to make the semifinals. The lunch, company and general welcome was really wonderful.

Report from Malcolm Thorp (Brigands Tennis Club)

Please [see below for] the results from [the] Brigands Peripatetic 2014 tournament, which was held very successfully at the new venue of Hardwick House and with much thanks to Tim and Pam Tomalin and the Friends of HTC for hosting us.

The play was consistently of a high level with Lesley Ronaldson, who very kindly gave up the whole of her Saturday to mark the tourney, remarking that many of the players really raised their games and gave us some stunning tennis to watch.

Once again, the past tourney winners of Michael Marcar and Nick Pellew, representing the Hurlingham Pigeons, proved to be unassailable, comfortably despatching Marek Stefanowicz and yours truly (Brigands Droite) in the semi-finals and then proving too strong for Tim and Pam (Dedanists Omega) in the final, despite a large handicap difference. Very well done to them both. We will not allow them to win a third time in 2015 as we will ensure that we severely handicap them!

Victoria catered the whole day for all of us and then produced a wonderful four course dinner for all who stayed. She’s a star and not a bad cook too! Many thanks to Kim for her table design and help with the dinner preparations and to all of you who helped us clear away after the dinner — it was very much appreciated.

Full results

The full results sheet is available: