A group of IRTA members travelled to Middlesex University Real Tennis Club and The Queen’s Club for a weekend of tennis.

Many thanks to both host clubs.

Fixture vs MURTC: Match results

Ireland player(h/cap) Rest-of-World player(h/cap) Results
Mark Heffernan(rec 15)George Lewis(love)4–6, 6–4, 4–6
David Lowry(love)Johnny Bruce(owe 15)2–6, 4–6
Roland Budd(rec 15)Rene Schemschat(love)5–6, 4–6
Kevin Sammon(rec 15)Julian Ashby II(love)6–5, 3–6, 6–5
Rupert DerhamlevelJames La Terriere level10–4
Richard Ramjane(rec 15)Leon Smart(owe half 15)4–6, 3–6


Courtesy David Lowry and Mark Heffernan.