IRTA member Mark Heffernan posted to the RealTennisOnline forum the following comments and photos after a recent visit to the Dublin court:

I was in Dublin at the weekend and took the opportunity to visit the real tennis court on Earlsfort Terrace, just off St. Stephens Green in the centre of Dublin. The Guinness Court hosted the World Championships in 1890 and was last played on in 1939. It is presently being used to host an exhibition as part of the Dublin Contemporary Art Festival. As you can see from the photos I took, the structure of the building is in good condition. The beautiful glass roof has been restored in the past few years and the Connemara marble floor is reasonably intact. In fact the chase markings are still partially visible on the service side. Further information on the court and the fight to restore it to its rightful purpose is available on

Exterior view of the court

Court roof, showing natural lighting

Central art exhibit

The wall at the back of the right-hand picture, with the red door in it, is merely a partition wall. It crosses the court at perhaps chase hazard two yards. (Also visible in the left-hand picture, and others.)

Art on the walls

Chase markings on the court floor

— Mark Heffernan