There are two courts at Prested, so we fitted plenty of tennis into a single day, with everyone playing at least an hour of singles and an hour of doubles, all to handicap. One of the courts has a glass grille wall, through which, from a comfortable seating area, the spectator has an excellent if unfamiliar view of the game. In the final reckoning, the Prested Hall team emerged with more wins than the IRTA — but since some of those representing Prested Hall were also IRTA members, perhaps the honours were even!

Many thanks to Richard Ramjane for setting up the fixture and encouraging the IRTA to visit the stripy courts of Essex, and to Ricardo at Prested Hall for organising an excellent day of tennis.

We hope to visit again soon!


IRTAPrested Hall
Roland Budd104Stuart Levett
Rosemarie Budd310Calum Mills
Vince Lucey510Gary Mills
Hannah Lucey110Jack Mills
Zak Ramjane510Mike Cotton
Fin Ramjane102Chris Lane
Mark Heffernan106Murray Lane
Rupert Derham108Toby Bawden
Richard Ramjane104Jonathan Conway
Suresh Kumar210Peter Weiner
Zak & Fin Ramjane106Ian Hawkey & Chris Lane
Calum Mills & Rosemarie Budd107Jack Mills & Hannah Lucey
Richard Ramjane & Roland Budd910Jonathan Conway & Toby Bawden
Suresh Kumar & Gary Mills109Peter Weiner & Ian Hawkey
Mark Heffernan & Rupert Derham107Chris Lane & Toby Bawden